The SAFE-SORRY team participated in the biennial conference of the European Association for Research on Adolescence (EARA), in Dublin, Ireland, from August 24 to August 27.

In this exciting meeting of experts on adolescence, our team members had the opportunity to present both new and ongoing projects.

Stijn Van Petegem chaired two symposiums: one on gender and parenthood (Thursday 25/8, 15h45-17h) and one on the sociocultural determinants of overprotection (Friday 26/8, 15h30-16h45). Elliana Lamprianidou and Cindy Eira Nunes participated in the first symposium. Elliana presented her ongoing research on gendered representations of modern parenthood, while Cindy presented her work on the relationship between parents’ gender equality values and parenting. Further, Gaëlle Venard (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) presented her study on how parents’ perceptions of social pressure to be the perfect parent affects parenthood.

Bénédicte Mouton and Kate Gibb participated in the second symposium. Bénédicte presented the results of her research on parental danger beliefs while Kate talked about the role of parental personality and parental perceptions of the economic context. In addition, Basilie Chevrier (Aix-Marseille University, France) presented her paper on the shortened version of the MOPS, a questionnaire to assess overprotective parenting, whereas Grégoire Zimmermann (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) presented his study about the way in which parents’ negative beliefs about adolescence affect the parenthood experience.

On the last day of the conference (Saturday 27/8) Louise Mathijs presented her scientific poster based on adolescents’ emotional regulation when experiencing overprotective parenting.