From June 14 to 16, 2023, members of the SAFE-SORRY team will take part in the 11th European Society for Family Relations (ESFR) conference in Roskilde, Denmark. More particularly, Cindy Eira Nunes and Louise Mathijs will have the pleasure of sharing their work and meeting other researchers from the field of family studies.

On the first day, June 14 at 11a.m., Cindy Eira Nunes will present her work on parents’ gender equality values and (co)parenting practices. Based on a representative sample of Australian families drawn from the Growing up in Australia study, she explored the associations between mothers’ and fathers’ equality values, their own and their partners’ perceptions of coparenting and parenting, and their adolescents’ functioning. You can find her presentation here.

On the same day at 16h45, Louise will present a poster on the implementation of a parenting program in the cultural context of Belgium. The aim of this program is to prevent violent parenting and to offer parents tools to optimize the parent-child relationship. Since the pilot study is currently running with a small sample size to test the program for the first time in Belgium, she will not present any data. The poster will cover the overall outline of the parenting program and the research plan of the pilot study. You can find her poster here.