It’s conference season! Several SAFE-SORRY members will be attending the general meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology in Krakow, Poland. On Saturday, two team members will give a blitz presentation: Elliana Lamprianidou will present the results of her person-centered study on gendered representations of parenthood, whereas Julie Terache will discuss the ways in which the relation between parents’ threat perceptions and overprotective parenting may be potentially gendered as well. On Sunday, Bénédicte Mouton will give a blitz presentation as well, focusing on how parents’ eco-anxiety may potentially affect their parenting. Finally, on Tuesday, Stijn Van Petegem will present a study that looks into the ways in which parents’ economic insecurities may affect their parenting as well, particularly looking at their school involvement.

We hope to see you in Krakow!