How do children and teenagers feel about the climate and ecological crisis? Here’s the first episode of the Eco-Emois podcast.

Fear, but also sadness, anger, and even hope and optimism: this is the range of emotions that climate change and the loss of biodiversity can arouse in children and teenagers. In the Eco-Emois podcast, we take a look at how young people feel about these climate and ecological prospects, how it impacts their lives and how they are adapting.
This podcast is produced by Bénédicte Mouton, with the help of Stijn Van Petegem, Ann Desmet, Ines Kasmi, Julie Marinho, Annalisa Soncini, researchers at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, with the support of Fonds Houtman and the Office de la Naissance et de l’Enfance in Belgium. Thanks to Julia Eberlen (ULB) for her support.

It consists of a mini-series of three episodes that will run at the pace of the research, between June and Christmas 2024. Follow the progress of the research team’s work on their Instagram account!