We are excited about the latest additions to our ever-growing SAFE-SORRY team here at ULB! Annalisa Soncini joins us at ULB as a postdoctoral fellow for one year, after having worked on the Italian SAFE-SORRY data gathering. She now aims to combine SAFE-SORRY’s focus on parenthood with her personal interest in educational psychology, by investigating teachers’ perceptions of parental involvement.

Further, we are also welcoming two new research interns. Alia Beydoun will collaborate with Şule Selçuk on her project on adolescents’ interpretations of parental practices, whereas Mayssane Ghazzai will work with Louise Mathijs on her research project that seeks to evaluate the parenting program “ACT-Parents Raising Safe Kids”.

Finally, Martha Zeglen is also visiting our lab for one month. As a PhD student at University of Warsaw (Poland), she is studying the topic of intensive parenting, under the supervision of Katarzyna Lubiewska.

We wish you welcome as a new member of our SAFE-SORRY family!