From 9-11 March, the International Convention of Psychological Science (ICPS) will take place in our hometown Brussels – we are thrilled that so many world-renowned scientists will present their work on a few footsteps from our university!

The SAFE-SORRY team will also contribute to the conference through two symposia. On Thursday, Stijn Van Petegem will be chairing a symposium that seeks to put parent-child relationships in their sociocultural context. The symposium will feature two presentations of the ULB team: Elliana Lamprianidou will present work on gendered representations of parenthood, and Bénédicte Mouton on societal pressures and parental self-efficacy. Other presentations include contributions of Marta Zeglen (University of Warsaw, Poland) on cultural normativeness and of Terese Glatz (Örebro University, Sweden), who is also member of the SAFE-SORRY team, on cultural parental self-efficacy.

On Friday, Stijn will also chair a symposium on the determinants and consequences of overprotective parenting. This will include presentations of Frederik De Spiegeleer (Ghent University),  also a SAFE-SORRY partner, who will share his results of a person-centered study on adolescents’ coping with overprotection. Stijn Van Petegem will present the results of a study on parents’ worries as a determinant of overprotective parenting, whereas Kate Gibb will share her work on the economic determinants of overinvolved parenting. This is also Kate’s last time that she will present her work, as she will be returning to Canada to pursue clinical work, so we use this opportunity to thank her for her contribution and involvement in the SAFE-SORRY project!

Finally, Şule Selçuk, a researcher from Hacettepe University (Turkey), will soon join the SAFE-SORRY team for a year to conduct a study on the role of culture for understanding adolescents’ interpretations of overprotective parenting. On Saturday, she will presents a poster on this exciting research project!